Tuesday Morning

Mixed crowd today. As I board at 6th & Cedar, I see a young lady sound asleep in as close to a fetal position as you can get on a bus seat. Boarding with me is a well dressed, 35-ish gentleman in a wool overcoat…no back pack or bag, but carrying papers…job interview maybe? He can confidently say he’s got reliable transportation! Most irritating when bus stops at incidental stop just to have a goofball step on to ask the driver, “Is this the bus I take to blah, blah, blah?” Takes precious time for him to explain routes. No PWDs yet today. I certainly don’t have a problem w/wheelchair bound passengers, but each one that boards or disembarks pretty much adds 5 minutes to my commute. Such a quiet civilized group today, and I rate the overall odor at a 2. (With “1” being least offensive and “5” causing me to breathe only through my mouth, close my eyes and go to my happy place)..uh oh, I knew it was too good to be true. We got ourselves a singer! Yes, I know sweetie, you sound like Beyoncé in your head between those earbuds, but out here you sound like Rosanne Barr croaking the national anthem! I also realize you are too young to understand the reference, even if you could hear my thoughts. Time to put my own earbuds in and find that happy place.

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