Stop Requested

So far, so good. I got a primo seat at least. First stop after mine, a young Asian couple-tourists going to MOA I’m guessing-got on. The young lady sat by me. (Love when it works out this way). We’ve got a phone talker, but he’s in the far back (where they do what they want). Anyway, sounds like a necessary conversation about a mutual friend with personal problems. Only one sleeper today. It never ceases to amaze me how a person can fall into such a deep sleep within 6 blocks. 2 phone talkers and counting…a woman w/her cell phone fixed to her ear, the way they do. Wrapped tightly in a headscarf. Driver zoned out and missed a stop by 50 ft…oops!! he says while slamming on the brakes. This is exactly why I won’t sit near a drinker. Close call for a kid in the front! I hope this lady in the pink hoodie isn’t dead. If not, she risks a concussion the way her head has been bouncing against the window. STOP’s the Airport! I am always tempted to shout out, “This is the bus that goes to Mall of America via Airport! It’s going to fucking stop at the airport! In case you have any doubt, we are already at the entrance of the airport!!” Instead I just laugh. I exit, as does the woman with the phone attached to her head. She’s been talking for 20 minutes non-stop, but finally loses signal in the tram.

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