Remind me

I am thankful for the skyway system as I make my way to the bus-stop, during what seems to be, Minnesota monsoon season. My first regret of the day is that I confused the underpants I am wearing, with a pair that stays comfortably and securely in place under my uniform. Why do we refer to pants in the plural? A pair of socks makes perfect sense. 1-sock+1-sock=2 socks. Two makes a pair. Defining one piece of clothing as a pair makes no sense.

This is the second day of wet coats and dripping umbrellas, and my third commute with Chatty-Bob and his lonely sidekick. She sits in the front traverse seat on the starboard side. They are able to exchange glances from this vantage point. Today I learn she can fish from her back yard. Bob is fascinated. Bob then offers an insightful fishing tip: “Ya know when the best time to fish is, don’t ya?” “Yes,” she says, “I do.” You go, girl! This is the first I have heard you assert yourself. But, wait for it….he is going to tell you anyway. “Springtime!” Remind me to start catching the 9:45.

Lots of soggy folks are coming and going today. I suspect when the weather is tolerable, many just walk the few blocks to their doctor appointments and the like. Not today. On a positive note, inconsiderate princess-moms with monster strollers know enough to keep their babies home out of the rain. On days like this, I envy my brother in Tempe, AZ. He doesn’t have to deal with frigid temperatures or this incessant rain. Remind me to move to the desert.

A mom climbs on with her young son and prepares to seat him first. She pats the cloth-covered window seat with her hand. “Oooh, this seat is wet, sit here…” She pats the aisle seat. “Wait! This one is wet, too!” Mom looks up at me inquisitively, so I interject an astute observation. “I’m afraid all the seats are wet.”

I am thankful once more. This time, because Bob set an all-time speed record from downtown to the airport. Now I shall have time to use the restroom to adjust my aforementioned undergarment before I clock in. It may prove to be a test of my character to maintain command presence for the entire day. Remind me to toss this panty out the minute I get home.

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