Here comes the rain

MONDAY. I’ll have the same bus all week. Oh that’s nice. Yeah, they’re doing some kinda thing where they check the mileage. It smells good-that’s kinda nice, huh? Yeah, I’ll have the same one all week. Oh, look at that-won’t be long before it’s up and runnin’ now, right? Yep they start runnin’ on the 14th or the 15th-the 15th I think. Your friend has been test-drivin’ them, then? Yep he sure has. So, they’re gonna be givin’ free rides, I hear? Yep, both Saturday and Sunday-it’s gonna be crazy down here, I’ll tell ya that…craaazy! I’ll bet-but it sounds like fun. There’s gonna be somethin’ like 20 buses on stand-by. Oh my! GRAND..can’t believe it’s almost over with. What’s that? I said I can’t believe this winter is finally over with-that we might actually get some warm weather-I tell my friend, don’t come visit ‘til 4th of July-that’s when it should start feelin’ like summer. That’s about right! ST CLAIR…I missed my bus on Friday. What was that? I missed my bus at The Mall on Friday. Why? what happened? Well, the driver was kind of slow and I just missed it by, like a half a minute. Ohhh, I know who you’re talkin’ about. RANDOLF…that guy’s terrible-always gets the route on Saturday. I think he has to stop to use the restroom a lot. (he laughs) STOP REQUESTED – Anyway, that’s too bad. ADAMS…Did you get work on Saturday, then? Oh, no, no…there was nothin’ for me. Uh huh-I ended up going shopping with my son and granddaughter on Saturday. STOP REQUESTED – We went to build-a-bear and… Build a what? (she laughs) Build-a-bear. It’s a store that…ALBION.

An old man who boarded at St Clair, repeats the name, Albion, for our benefit. It seems as though he feels obligated to correct Bob’s pronunciation. Bob pronounces it ALL-bee-en, rhyming ALL with call and en with then. Instead, the man pronounces it AL-bee-on, rhyming AL with pal and on with con. I was curious, so looked it up. Turns out, they are both incorrect. While there is some disagreement regarding whether the accent is on the first or second syllable, the correct pronunciation of Albion is AL-bee-un. AL rhymes with pal and un rhymes with gun.

After incorrectly correcting Bob, he speaks in a voice that sounds like James Earl Jones proclaiming the end of days, “It’s coming…it’s coming….” Because he got off at Albion, I imagine he was simply reminding Bob to stop. Worried, perhaps, that Bob might be distracted by Darla. Bob bids him au revoir, “See ya, my friend.”

Well, I hope you don’t miss your bus today. Oh, no…no. If you do, it won’t be cuz’ I have to stop and use a restroom! (they laugh) Here comes the rain. MAYNARD…supposed to be nice next weekend-only a 20 percent chance of rain-nice huh? One thing about workin’ the night shift, I always have to work Saturdays, so it’s tough to enjoy the weekend. The school wants me back, so I might…what was that? I said I might just go back to work at the school. Don’t know how long I can keep this up. Yeah, it’s tough.


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