Some of us have a bad leg (AKA: That 70’s Day)


It is 70 degrees and sunny. Making an appearance on this beautiful morning is: (1) baby in stroller (1) 4-year old Don King mini-me (3) smokers (1) gangsta wanna-be (1) painter (1) 6’2″ Nordic man who could easily hold a bowling ball in one of his hands. He is wearing a sporty plaid shirt and those Reeboks with the rocker soles. They are nearly as ugly as that pair of tan, suede Earth Shoes I wore in 1972. I wonder if this 70-year old wears them to increase the muscle definition of his butt and calves (1) Breck girl with sunglasses like the ones Julie from The Mod Squad used to wear (1) wandering woman in camouflage crop pants wearing socks with sandals, asking everyone, “Does the 74 run down this way?” (1) guy with a big slouchy Rastafarian hat pulled over his big Afro-for some reason it reminds me of a character on Cosby’s Fat Albert cartoon-he’s also wearing aviators and ear-buds (3) additional ear-bud wearers (2) headphone wearers (1) paperback novel reader (1) electronic reader, reader (1) Darla (1) Bob (1) extremely polite young man who asked if I would rather sit by the window because he noticed that I sit by the window every day (1) lady who we waited and waited for. She finally boards the bus and Bob says, “It didn’t look like you wanted my bus so I started pullin’ away.” Lady says, ”Oh…I wanted it, but some of us have a bad leg.” And just like that, there is (1) blogger who has a title quandary.

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