Travun 901


Umm…can I ask you a question? If I wanna go to the Mall of America, how do I know where to get off?

Just stay on the bus until the last stop. I get off at the airport, and then it goes to the mall.

Ok, thanks.

First time on the 54?

Yeah. I been to the mall, but first time taking the bus.

Are you going shopping or just going to hang out?

Just to hang out…but I might buy something.

Do you live downtown?

No. I live on English.

So you took another bus to catch the 54?

Yeah. I took the 64. Do you know where I get off downtown to get the 64 back home?

I think 5th and Minnesota…but when you get back on at the mall, just tell the driver you have to catch the 64, and he’ll make sure you get off at the right stop…they’re pretty good about that. He might say, ‘…Hey you! The kid who needs to catch the 64? This is your stop!’

Ok, thanks.

You move here recently?

Yeah. Moved up here with my older brother from Memphis in December. We live with my mom who’s been here for about a year.

So, how did you like your first Minnesota winter?

Not very much…it was cold.

I suppose the summertime temperatures will be a little closer to what you’re used to…I mean, it can be really hot and humid here. One year it was over a hundred degrees for ten days straight.

Well, in Memphis it can get to a hundred and fifty degrees.

Did you say a hundred and fifty degrees? Wow…that’s pretty hot.

Well…for sure 106 degrees.

How old are you?

I’m sixteen.

You go to high school?

Yeah…I go to Johnson.

Wasn’t it kinda weird going to a new school part way through the year?

Yeah, it was. I had an iPhone just like that but it got broke.

That’s too bad. So…are you going to the mall to buy another phone?

No. I dunno…maybe something else.

This is a Verizon phone, but I switched to boost mobile. I just use this for writing and stuff…sorta like a mini iPad. I have to get a boost iPhone. When I do, I’ll sell this one.

Would you sell it to me for seven hundred dollars?

Seven hundred dollars? No I won’t sell it to you for seven hundred dollars.

How much would you sell it to me for?

I dunno…maybe two hundred?

I can’t afford two hundred.

But you just offered seven hundred…

I just wanted to see what you’d say if I said seven hundred.

I see…you’re pretty funny. Ok, how ‘bout a hundred fifty?

Maybe…when do you think you might wanna sell it?

Probably mid-July…how would I contact you when I want to sell it?

He gives me a number with a 901 area code and says I can either text or call when I’m ready to sell my iPhone.

Do you have Facebook?

Yes, I’m on Facebook…so do you want me to message you?

Uh huh.

Ok..give me your name so I can find you on Facebook. So that is T-r-a-y-v-o-n?

No. It sounds like that, but spelled T-r-a-v-u-n.

I extend my hand and say, “It was really nice to meet you, Travun. I’ll contact you when I’m ready to sell my iPhone.”

Travun smiles, grips my hand and says, “Thank you. It was really nice to meet you, too.”

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