I See it Now


“Ohhh, Jesus saves, Jesus saves. Uh, huh…Jesus saves, Jesus saves!”

I briefly look up to see an African American woman boarding the Green Line at Tenth Street. Her young son comes running in behind her and quickly darts right when he sees her go left. She jumps into the first seat up the step and directs her proclamation to the defenseless man in the seat behind her.

Jesus saves! Sir, do you know that Jesus saves?

Yeah, I know.

What’s the matter with you? You doin’ alright?

Sure, I’m good.. just goin’ to work is all.

But you DO know Jesus saves, right? Sir, do you believe in Jesus?

Yeah, I believe. Just gettin’ by, ya know?… jus’ workin’ and gettin’ by…

What do you mean, gettin’ by? You look like a young, healthy man…what are you, 34-35? I just turned 32…I know how you feel..believe me…I know how you feel…but I’m blessed! Do you pray?

Sometimes, ya know..not so much..

You gotta pray…you need to pray… you know that? Oh, this is my stop… Do you want me to pray for you?

No, I’m…

You don’t want me to pray for you?

No, that’s okay….

…I’m gonna pray. “Dear Jesus, I ask that you bless this man and save him with your blood. Amen.” God bless you…God bless you! It’s gonna be alright, now, you know that, right? Nice meeting you…it’s gonna be alright.

As she gets up to exit at Lexington, her son hollers, “Mom! What are you doing? Not here…remember?”

Oh! Yes, yes..okay, I guess I can sit back down. I think this was God’s will! You know what? I believe you need love in your life…I don’t even know your name…I’m ME-shell…what’s your name?


It has been SO nice meeting you Kevin. You know?  I see it now. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before…do you need love in your life, Kevin?

Maybe…I’m actually…umm..gettin’ off at the next stop.

Well okay, okay…lemme give you my number…I think what you need is love in your life…I see that now…He’s telling me that you need love in your life! Put my number in your phone…

My phone’s dead.

Mechelle pulls a cell from a pocket. Okay, here…gimme your number.

It’s 6-5-1-4-3-2-ZERO-8-5-3

As the stop is announced, Kevin scoots out of his window seat and down the step to the door in preparation.

Okay, wait…6-5-1…

…4-3-2-ZERO-8-5-3. Gotta go…nice meeting you.

You too, Kevin. You can expect a call from me, now!

As Kevin exits, Mechelle repeats the number aloud to herself while tapping keypad…okay then…

6-5-1-4-3-2-ZERO-8-9-3…thank you, Jesus!

I find myself being thankful, as well, when Mechelle chose to make her way toward her son in the car ahead. Just before the sound of her voice is swallowed by the noise of the train, I hear..

“Sir..do you know that Jesus saves?”

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