Who am I?

My name is Julie. I am a single, white, mature (meaning card-carrying member of AARP) female who lived in Lowertown St Paul until May 2016. Early on, I was told that the most important rule to follow as a writer, is to write what you know. I have been writing and singing my own songs since the age of 13. When I learned about Jesus, I wrote about Jesus. When I experienced love, I wrote about love; soon there was heartbreak, pain, joy, sorrow, loss, disillusionment, regret, etc. I write what I know, but I am prone to fictional tangents.

After giving up my car in Fall of 2014, I became a bus commuter; taking the #54 bus from downtown St Paul to the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport at least 5 days per week. This opened my eyes to a culture and to characters to whom I previously knew only as a stereotype. Homer Simpson (yes…the iconic and crudely animated character) once said, “Public transportation is for losers and lesbians!” Homer, I respectfully disagree. I attempt to communicate my POV in tales of the 54 Ltd Stop. What else do I know? I confess that I have dabbled, off and on, in the unpredictable and nerve-wracking sport of online dating. Judge me as you see fit. Apparently, 60% of all married couples meet online. I don’t pretend to know details regarding this ambiguous statistic, and never mind that 50-60% of marriages end in divorce. All I know is that it is easier to ‘shop for love’ online than at a bar, grocery store or…fill-in-the-blank. Any which way you approach it, the search for love is risky business. Aside from all the dramatic stuff, I have recently come to appreciate online dating sites as a source of endless amusement. (see: I own a shotgun and 100 pairs of shoes) and…if you got this far…check out http://www.askthewhitelady.wordpress.com

I am currently living in Cordova, Alaska, and will likely be here for another couple of years. I’m wondering…should I blog about this experience?

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